We help you enjoy a Transformational Leadership journey that results in better homes and workplaces through the creation of a Joy-at-Work (JAW) Culture. JAW is about elevating ourselves to greater altitudes as we serve all sectors of society. We have reached thousands globally. Are you ready to take off …

For years we have tried just about everything to enjoy happy homes and workplaces with joyful work teams and family members. Today we live with staggering statistics such as a global suicide rate of one life every 40 seconds … one life is too many since each one is created with a unique purpose. Some 60 million are bullied in the USA workplace with over 50% States creating Happy Workplace Bills for improvement.

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Nothing happens Sustainably outside of Sincere Relationships.

Dr. Dale A. Dan
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JAW ... A Love Journey

Living Purpose through a Union of Leadership and Spirituality births a lifetime of Joy and Fulfillment. Great leaders have reminded us that we must return to our spirituality … maybe the time is now.

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